Terpene Mocktails
Canna Smoothies

Shaking up!  The Floral, Mixology, and Culinary Industries. 

Tell us your ailments and we’ll tell you our Florology. 


CannaConcoctions- created by Mad Mixologist Chef Jess


Vegan, gf, nut free version of the classic chocolate drink. Made with homemade hempseed and oat milk, cacao powder, cacao butter, canna-coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Cherry Pie Vanilla Vegan Eggcream

Yup. Really. Organic cherries, cherry pie terpenes, organic vanilla extract, maple syrup, lemon juice, our homemade gf-hempseed oat milk, topped with sparkling soda, and of course, a cherry on top. 

Durban Poison Chaga Chai Tea Latte

We brew our chaga from the finest ingredients thanks to “the foraged feast”, a montclair local business, their selections of mushrooms and other rare produce and herbs has been such a treat to work with as well as a privilege to serve. We have done this one hot or iced, with traditional organic chai tea flavors, mixed with coconut and rice milk. Infused with Durban Poison terpenes adding a sweet and piney taste while enhancing the earthiness. This shroom tea will make you essentially feel, “one with the earth”. 

Zkittles Canna Punch

Zkittles terpenes, fresh summer juices and crystal-infused spring water, sweetened with ginger maple simple syrup for that little zing, oh yeah and ginger tea is great for you. Drink with intention. 

Grape Ape Transfusion

This old time golfer‘s classic is simply the perfect reward on a hot summer day out on the course. Traditionally made with concord grape juice, and ginger ale or sprite, we swapped that for organic pomegranate and lime juices, then infused with grape-ape terpenes, ginger simple syrup,  and topped with sparkling soda. garnished with 3 grapes you can enjoy to compare the grape flavors. 

Mango Mimosa

As perfect as a morning sunrise, so is a mid-morning mimosa. We make organic mango syrup with coconut sugar, pour pineapple juice, splash oj, and infuse with mimosa terpenes, shake and strain. Sparkling water instead of the pagne topped with a clementine wedge; add some ice and a drizzle of our homemade grenadine, made with organic pomegranate juice and make it a mimosa sunrise 🌅

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We host pop-ups and private events for your next MIXER! 

We like to work with prospective clients and create custom menus based on  style and dietary needs. Our amenities can include Live Music, DJ, Paint and Sip Services, Floral Design Classes, DIY Bath and Body Products, and Mocktail making workshops. 

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We like to eat and play with flowers all day. 

About Us


Our menu is based around the freshest ingredients, focusing on certified fair-trade practices and locally sourced seasonally. We like to develop friendships with our local farms and businesses.  :)


As a botanical boutique we strive to have little to no waste in all of our designs. 

We are advocates for sustainability! People. Planet. Profits.

Terpenes Mocktails

We are intrigued that scientists have found certain terpenes joined with cannabis assist in treatment of some medical conditions including, insomnia, overeating, and depression; so we have been creating terpene formulas and pairing different healthy recipes of classics, for different times of day, occasion, relaxing aid, mood booster, or anxiety relieve. Terpenes come from all plants and plants make medicine. So why not make the tastiest medicine possible. You are what you eat so we eat with intention.